Photographer Gerrit Geldenhuys


My History in Photography

My Name is Gerrit Geldenhuys. I photographed my first wedding in the summer of 1994. A work colleague who knew of my love for photography asked me to cover their wedding. To say the least, I was a little apprehensive at first. My photography skills at the time were not focused in any way towards covering such an important event. Eventually I agreed and on the big day I set off for the wedding.In my bag was my camera, one lens, a flash, three rolls of 36 exposure colour film. I also had a million butterflies in my stomach.

I managed to live trough the day and as it turned out, they were more than happy. The bug had bitten me and over the next couple of months I managed to turn my hobby into a little extra income.

Things were a lot easier back then. Competition amongst photographers were a lot less and the 1 hour lab took care off what happened to my images after I had done shooting the wedding.


I turn “Pro”

Becoming a professional photographer took many, many more years during which time my own skills grew alongside the advancement of technology in camera equipment.

Eventually digital technology advanced to the point where it could substitute film as an acceptable medium. with digital came the new challenge of learning skills in photo editing. Gone were the day where the lab took care of how my photos looked.

Being a photographer and especially a wedding photographer is an ever evolving discipline. I have dedicated myself to this and as important as the end result may be, it is the journey that intrigues me. It’s not just about getting the perfect picture, but more about capturing memories. Getting to know the people in front of my lens and sharing their dreams is just as important.


Things change

I met my wife, Nellie, in 2004 and we were married in 2010. Together we form a great team. She assists me on every wedding shoot, making sure I have fresh batteries, whatever lens I need at hand, a clean memory card and some cold juice or a chocolate to keep me going. She also carries the backup camera and captures things behind the scene when I’m busy elsewhere.

In 2013 we opened a little studio at home for family or individuals like groups of friends who just want to have some fun. Although the studio is not very busy, we have had some great results with shoots and now only take booking on weekends.

The studio equipment has also played a big role in doing our corporate and event shoots and will be very useful in our new venture of web photography.

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Gerrit Geldenhuys